Magnus Lindblom



Welcome to Magnus Lindblom!

My name is Magnus Lindblom, and now I live in Jakobsberg, Stockholm, Sweden.

I was borne in 1966, and I grew up in Karlskrona close to the sea, archepellago and forests. So nature is a big source of inspiration for me.

I mostly paint in watercolour, but sometimes I paint in acrylics and chinese ink.

I am mostly autodidact, but I´ve learned much about watercolour by reading books by Robert Wade. During the 90ths I took evening classes in chinese calligraphy and 1995 I went to China on an art trip and studied three weeks on the Art Academy in HangZhou.

I am a member of Järfälla Konstforum.


In my art my intention is to bring forward a presence and the energy of the subject and to paint from questioning.


Below is a video from my last exhibition:



på "Din Natur" Tomtebogatan 24

Stockholm. T - St Eriksplan

Lörd 3/10 + Sönd 4/10 2015

kl 12 - 16. Välkommen







Here is a selection of exhebitions I have had or participated in.

Papper för konstnärer 2013

”Hyllan” Jakobsbergs bibliotek 2012

Phenixkliniken 2011

30x30 salong Väsby Konsthall 2011

Nationell Salong i Akvarell, Edsviks Konsthall 2011

Järfälla Konstforums vårsalong 2010 - 2012

Mardigruppens utställning 2011, 2012

Järfälla Salongen 2011

Järfälla Konstforums Julsalong 2009 - 2011

Hälsonyckeln 2010

Galleri Panorama Art 2010

Väsby Konsthalls Akvarellsalong 2010


" All of Life comes to me with ease, joy and Glory. "