Magnus Lindblom

Artist and Author

Welcome to my home page ! Here I will show my work of art, photography and published books.

I grew up in the south of Sweden, close to nature and the Baltic sea. Earlier in life, I worked with designing computer applications, but after a period of too much stress, I got health issues. Although I has struggled many years with emotions and lack of good health, my creativity has been awakened. I began learning how to paint watercolor, inspired by artists as Robert Wade and Lars Lerin, and have participated in local art shows in the Stockholm area where I now lives. Last winter, I began investigating in the art of printmaking, and soon found it very exciting and joyful. I am now working on developing these new skills of linocut print and dry etching print.

"Every time a new print comes out of the press is a moment of magic and wonder."

A few years ago I also started to write a novel. I will be published in spring 2022.

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Latest News

Art Expo, New York 2024

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Published in Circle Art quaterly magazine, my printwork is on page 70:

Published in Circle Arts Spotlight magazine nr 32, my printwork is on page 96:

From Amida Mundi festival in Venice 2022. My prints are in the red circle.